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Valeria Visconti

Vamp queen of Europe, Valeria Visconti, represents classic Italian beauty with her round bubble butt, big D cup titties, thick raven hair, and plump ruby lips. Her fiery passion, bold temperament, and Latin hourglass figure recall the strong and sexual women of ancient Rome, but this vivacious vixen's inked skin modernizes that old world charm. Pretty little flowers adorn her lower back and supple booty, accentuating that arousing ass and the sexy and sinful things she can do with it. <br /><br /> Her dear friend Bonnie Rotten is also her mentor and guide through the complex and sinful world of porn. She hopes to emulate that bad ass rock n' roll look and sweet enthusiastic attitude, that has taken her idol so far in the XXX industry. Recognizing a little Bonnie in herself, this bodacious babe is taking that sinful style to the Italian scene, exploding as both an adult actress and feature dancer. <br /><br /> Valeria's international fame proves that the European and American XXX worlds don't need to remain separate. With every boundary broken, and friendship made, the ocean between the two porn hubs seems to narrow. Travelling back and forth from Italy to California, performing in steamy scenes for both markets, this gorgeous goddess shows how sex appeal like hers is readily accepted in both markets. It doesn't matter where you're from, everyone loves a nice set of boobs, curves that kill, and an insatiable libido.
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